‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’  – the motto Steve Gammage lives by. Once he’s got an idea in his head, you can be sure it’s going to become a reality!

Love at first sight
In 2010 Brouwerij Rodenburg was established. The brewery’s beginnings are steeped in history.
That history starts in Great Britain, where the sports-loving Englishman Steve Gammage and Yvonne, the pretty girl from the Achterhoek, meet. Love at first sight!

From painter to brewer
As Yvonne did not want to emigrate, all Steve could do was pack up his things and follow his love in the direction of Steenderen.
There Steve started up a house-painting business, a business that was successful and that put more than enough food on the table.
Despite this success, Steve was not completely happy. Nevertheless his family was surprised when he announced that he was selling the business.
And they were even more surprised when he announced his ambition: “I’m going to start brewing beer.”

Brewing in the horse stables
He successfully completed an intensive study in his home country and after that things moved very quickly.
Even while he was setting up his own brewery in Rha, he was already brewing beers for Menno Olivier at Brouwerij De Molen.
In 2010 he finally took the plunge. That was when Steve and Yvonne became the proud owners of their own brewery, located in the former horse stables of the Rodenburg farm, which provided the name for the brewery.


Perfect symphony
Brouwerij Rodenburg’s beers appeal to a large group of beer lovers.
Bronckhorster Beers (the village of Rha is located in the municipality of Bronckhorst) are renowned for their excellent balance.
All the ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast – are well-matched. Using the various sorts of malt and hops, Steve composes for as long as it takes to ‘write’ the perfect symphony. The yeast is both Steve’s trademark as well as a well-kept secret.

The great breakthrough
In 2012 Steve’s Nightporter won an important award, an event that marked a turning-point for Brouwerij Rodenburg.
In 2013 the brewery became known nationally thanks to the Abdicatiebier. This was a special orange-tinted beer created by Steve together with beer sommelier and author Alain Schepers to mark the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the crowning of King Willem-Alexander.

Growing demand
From that moment on demand continued to grow fast. Steve’s beer is available all over the Netherlands, and other countries are now also clamouring for Bronckhorster beers. Sales volumes rocketed, leading to increasing investment in the brewery in order to meet the demand.

Bronckhorster Brewing Company
Due to the enormous growth and the international interest in the beers, a thorough ‘rebranding’ has taken place. The website, the labels, the logo and even the name have been changed.
The only thing that’s remained the same is the high quality of the beers.
The name Brouwerij Rodenburg has been replaced by Bronckhorster Brewing Company, marking the start of a new phase in the production and marketing of prize-winning special beers.

Ready for the future
Bronckhorster Brewing Company is all geared up for the future. The capacity has been expanded and a new bottling line has been installed, with a fast labelling machine to ensure increased efficiency.
The next expansion will be a new tasting-room with a view of the copper kettles. The bar will be the domain of Steve’s brother- and sister-in-law, Antoon and Thea Wieland. Both have been involved for years in the success of the brewery. Thea is responsible for the creative, delicious catering, while those who have ever been on a guided tour of the brewery will be familiar with master storyteller Antoon’s many colourful anecdotes.

The beers
The Bronckhorster Brewing Company’s collection consists of fifteen permanently available beers, including the seasonal beers.
Apart from these ‘standard’ beers, Steve regularly brews new special beers.
Depending on the interest they attract, these too may become part of the permanent collection.
Furthermore, the Bronckhorster Brewing Company also brews beers on commission from third parties, such as restaurants and cafés.
Several times a year, working directly with another brewer, an extra-special beer is created, a so-called ‘collaboration beer’.
This is also the case for the BA-series, the so-called Barrel-Aged beers aged in wooden casks. These are casks that used to be used for sherry, rum or whiskey (bourbon). You can be sure that beer aged in these casks is a source of the most amazing taste experiences!


Visit to the brewery
Curious about where and how these special beers are made? Arrange your visit to the brewery, set in the beautiful rural location of the village of Rha!
Thanks to the beers and the hospitality of the Achterhoek as demonstrated by Steve, Yvonne, Thea and Antoon a visit to the Bronckhorster Brewing Company is a festive occasion every single time, besides being a voyage of discovery full of new beers and new flavours.

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